What if you could better serve your patients by:

• Offering them the security of having their prescriptions filled quickly and delivered to their door;

• Eliminating the need for your patient to pay for prescriptions out-of-pocket and then wait for reimbursement?

What if you could better manage your patient's medication by:

• Knowing that the medications you prescribe will be received on time;

• Ensuring that only one pharmacy is filling your patient's Workers' Compensation prescriptions;

• Having one point person to deal with regarding your patient's Workers' Compensation prescriptions needs?

What if it wouldn't cost you or your patient anything...

Alliance Medication Services, LLC will deliver prescriptions directly to your patient's home via UPS overnight delivery. We handle all claim forms
and bill the Insurance Company directly.

There are never any co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses to your patient, so you can ensure that finances are not interfering with their treatment.

You will be dealing with a single pharmacy, which ensures duplicate prescriptions will not be filled and provides an extra layer of protection against adverse interaction of medications.

You will also have one point person to deal with regarding your patient's prescription needs.

Your patients are happier. Your staff is happier. You are happier.

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