What if you could better serve your clients by:

• Offering them the security of having their prescriptions filled quickly and delivered to their door;

• Eliminating the need for your client to pay for prescriptions out-of-pocket and then wait for reimbursement?

What if you could free up your staff's valuable time by eliminating:

• The urgent phone calls from a client who just discovered the local pharmacy won't fill his/her medications because the pharmacy's
  bills have not been paid;

• The time spent compiling prescription bills and medical records;

• Phone calls to the Insurance Company to have your client's out-of-pocket prescription costs reimbursed?

What if it wouldn't cost you or your client anything…

We deliver prescriptions directly to your client's home and bill the Insurance Company directly.

There are never out-of-pocket expenses to your client.

We handle all claim reimbursement issues directly with the Insurance Company.

We eliminate the common pharmacy hassles for your client and staff.

Your staff will no longer spend valuable time gathering prescriptions and medical records and phoning the Insurance Company, client
and local pharmacy.

Your clients are happier. Your staff is happier. You are happier.

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